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Atlas Hub – First Month In Review

August 12, 2018 by DW Atlas Hub News
Atlas Hub – First Month In Review

No Man’s Sky NEXT has quite literally changed the game, I’m hooked and it seems many of you are too. Since the update arrived Atlas Hub has grown very quickly and there have been some amazing discovery uploads, and a ton of great No Man’s Sky discussions happening over at Discord.

Considering Atlas Hub only officially launched a month ago on July 12th I’m over the moon with how things are going. For those of you who like stats here’s a quick breakdown of how the first month looks:

Over at Discord a small team is now forming with the wonderful Taienne stepping up as mod and Grandpa Joseph acting as both Discord and Atlas Hub website admin meaning he’ll be able to offer help with any non technical or code related queries. Azhaiel will be heading up the news & community section of Atlas Hub. Exciting times.

When Hello Games launched the Galactic Atlas I was saddened at the thought that it would kill off Atlas Hub, but actually it’s now evident that both can work nicely in unison. My vision for Atlas Hub has always been for it to be a community led companion to No Man’s Sky – something which has already become a reality. I can’t wait to see where the community takes Atlas Hub next.

New & upcoming features

This week I added user profiles and the personal discoveries log / timeline – these were the two most requested features. Now that they’re online I’ll be focusing on adding some more features, what are they? Well that’s a secret for the moment – but I’m pretty excited about what’s coming. More news on that will follow shortly. In the meantime if you have an idea for a feature or want to vote for what comes next be sure to stop by the feature request page.

Huge shoutout to all of you who have uploaded discoveries to Atlas Hub or joined us on Discord, and a special thanks to my Patreon supporters, because of you Atlas Hub is already an awesome community – one which I believe will continue to grow and flourish.


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