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No Man’s Sky Community event: Week 1 of 8

August 30, 2018 by DW Game Events
No Man’s Sky Community event: Week 1 of 8

With the launch of NEXT Hello Games teased new, weekly events – the first of those events is now live and included in a small update to the game which became available on all platforms earlier today.

In the first event Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada have reached out to travellers who have completed the first Space Anomaly mission to ask for some help gathering some data…

The first chapter of Polo’s research project examines a specific corner of the galaxy, where strange objects have begun spawning underground. Dedicated explorers who excavate and return them to the Space Anomaly will be rewarded with Quicksilver. Polo has constructed a new robotic companion to process this valuable substance into exclusive exotic collectables.

To get started make sure your game is up-to-date and then head to space where you’ll recieve a transmission from Polo which will start your mission.

In exchange for your help you’ll be rewarded with the new Quicksilver currency which you can use to purchase exotic items from a new merchant found on the Space Anomaly. Hello Games is promising to expand the collection of items found here over the coming weeks.

Once you’re done with the mission you can continue participating and collect more Quicksilver to either spend or save for another time. This event is marked as the first of 8, spread over 8 weeks, so there’s going to be plenty to keep us busy!!

Full details of the event and patch notes from the latest update can be found on the No Man’s Sky website, here.

Good luck with your mission, and happy exploring!

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