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No Man’s Sky Community event: Week 2 of 8

September 08, 2018 by DW Game Events
No Man’s Sky Community event: Week 2 of 8

This weeks community event is now live! Week 2 has us locating and feeding creatures, here’s the detail directly from Hello Games:

This research project involves finding and feeding animals on a planet that shows signs of previous Hex Core contamination. Dedicated Travellers who explore the diets of the creatures on this world will be rewarded with Quicksilver to spend at Polo’s Synthesis Bot. Polo notes that explorers are free to carry out their own research or refinement projects on any animal byproducts produced during these encounters.

In addition to the event the game also received an update which added several new items to purchase from the quicksilver store:

  • New base building parts which allow you to gain favor with the “Gek” or “Sentinels”
  • New “Blazing Orbit” helmet
  • A pair of decal portraits of “Nada” and “Polo”

Happy exploring!

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