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The Librarian’s Archive – share your in-game experiences

August 18, 2018 by Azhaiel The Librarian’s Archive
The Librarian’s Archive – share your in-game experiences

Good day Travellers! Today I’ve got a request for all of you, rather than simply some news. Although it is news! I want you all to inspire future articles for a new fiction series that I’ll be putting up weekly.

This series of short stories will be called ‘The Librarian’s Archive’ and it will be using the personal experiences of YOU, the reader.

In order to make this article series work, I will need help from you all. Send me your favorite experiences that have happened to you in the game to wolfmastercain@gmail.com.

They will be used to create a nifty custom story that will credit whoever sent it in. So please fellow travellers, send in your favorite experiences and I hope that you enjoy the upcoming series!


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